In the spring of 2016, Jan Nackaerts and Dirk Oelbermann decided to join forces to create an interior design collection. Both live in the Tuscan hills close to Volterra. One having a lifelong experience as an entrepreneur and designer, the other a legal and business background, Jan and Dirk were convinced that the specialized craftsmanship that is still thriving in Italy would be the perfect base for a design collection.

Jan took on the design of the objects and then handpicked local manufacturers. Now, 7 months later, Jan and Dirk are very proud to present the first OCCRA items, all locally produced by very motivated and extremely capable craftsmen.

Design and philosophy

OCCRA aims to be a collection based on highly skilled craftsmanship. We prefer using both traditional and natural materials such as wood, marble, glass and metals whilst respecting our local roots and environment. However, we do not exclude the use of modern production methods and new materials. The driving force is creativity.

All products are designed by Jan Nackaerts who works closely with each of the manufacturers.